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  • Go to the page of your chosen template and click free download. Your download will start after a few seconds.

  • Open your resume template in Word and customize it with your work experience, education, skills, etc.

  • Export your Word document as PDF.

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Resume Examples by Profession

At My Resume Templates, you will find resume templates grouped by profession. Our recruiters and job search experts have designed resume templates for the most common and leading jobs. Explore the professional resumes we have provided for free for you to export in various formats!

Resume Templates ideal for any file type

There are four types of templates suitable for resumes. Sometimes the job description will indicate which format or file the resume should be in. But if this information is not available, you can find all our resumes in different formats below for free download.

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Word Resume Formats

Microsoft Word is one of the best formats to edit your resume quickly and professionally. Find over 100 Resume Templates in Word for free.

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PDF Resume Templates

All our resumes can be downloaded and saved in PDF format. This type of format has a small file size and is compatible with any device.

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Professional Resume Templates

Find simple resume formats compatible with any profession. This type of resume allows interviewers to focus on your professional information without any distraction.

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Resume Formats in Google Docs

Resumes in Google Docs are a good option to easily download and edit the document. You can also securely share it with recruiters.

Everything you need to create a good resume in 2023

Create your resume in minutes using one of our free resume templates!

We have designed and compiled the best CV templates so that you don’t have to stress if you don’t happen to be a design guru (don’t worry, not many of us actually are). 

With four categories to choose from, and over 100 free resume templates available, you will have no issues finding the one that works for you, while laying out your qualities in a way that will turn your future employer’s attention towards you.

Whether you are a student, engineer, project manager or nurse, you will have no trouble finding the right resume template for you. We also share tips in our blog for enhancing your writing to be able to confidently highlight your own strengths and areas of expertise. Free downloadable resume templates!

Why is a resume important?

Your resume is the first impression you make to a recruiter. With possibly hundreds of other candidates applying for the same position, you want to be sure that yours is unique and stands out. For that to become a reality, your resume has to be both well written, and well structured.

As a job seeker, you already have one goal in mind, and that is to secure an interview with a recruiter. This will be your chance to elaborate on your experiences and exhibit your communication skills, and it is more likely to happen using a resume template that helps you highlight all your special skills from the start. 

Luckily, you will find all types of free resume examples here that will surely fit your style and help you get started. 

What type of resume do I need?

Depending on your line of work, you want a resume template that fits. That’s why we have grouped them into four types. You can search for your resume template by career type, or choose between modern, basic, or creative templates. After you’ve downloaded the free template, you can easily add your information, customize it with your style, export it as PDF and print it or send it to your recruiter, or both!

What is the best format for sending a resume in 2023?

We believe that sending a resume in both Word and PDF formats makes it easy for automated resume checkers to read the file and scan it for relative keywords that match with the position you are applying for. 

It also simplifies the editing process for you and allows you to change the font and text color to fit your personal style, so that you can be rest assured that your CV reflects you professionally and personally if you find yourself hesitating to hit that “send” button.

Where do I start when editing one of these resume templates?

A good place to start editing would be by filling in your name and job search title, making sure that it matches the position you are applying for. Then you can move on to filling in your work experience while emphasizing the achievements you have made that added to the growth of your previous companies or clients. 

The last step to the process should be adding your career objective statement, explaining briefly what your aspirations are for your future role in the company and how your previous experience has prepared you to take up the position you are seeking. Browse through 10 examples of career objectives for a resume to help you get inspired to write your own!

Our experts have also provided you with further tips that have proven to enhance the chances of getting that interview call. Check out our blog post on how to make a resume to help guide you through this process.

What skills should I include on my resume?

It can be a little bit overwhelming when it comes down to figuring out what skills and work experience are the most relevant to the position you are applying for. That’s why here you can also find a selection of the top skills to put on a resume that are relevant to all types of job positions and can be included on all types of CVs. 

Listed below are a collection of soft-skills that you can add now to your free resume template and get it out of the way.

Add these skills to your free professional resume template now!