Modern Resume Templates 2023

Free download our modern resume templates ready to customize in Word. You’ve realized that a plain-looking resume is not getting you anywhere in your job search. We’ve noticed that as well. That is why we had our experts design modern resume templates for you to fill out easily! You don’t need to learn about design theory before creating a professional modern-looking resume that resonates with your style. Pick one of our free modern resume examples for Word and start editing as soon as you hit that download button! No registration is needed!

Download your modern resume template for free in Word format:

Free modern resume templates for Word

Our experts are dedicated to providing you with the most modern and recent resume designs that showcase your skills and experience professionally and clearly. Choose one of our modern resume templates and see for yourself how easy and fun it is to customize it to make it your own!

Best modern resume layout for 2023

A visually appealing resume takes you a long way ahead of your competitors. We have the design down. However, keep in mind the following when filling out one of our modern resume templates in Word:

  • Experts recommend using reverse chronological order when you list your professional experience and history.
  • Skills are a major element of a resume. Adding a combination of hard and soft skills can help you showcase your technical and interpersonal skills. Both are necessary to have when trying to work within a team.

Check out our article on What skills to put on a resume for more

By combining these two factors on your resume, you showcase your professional life in a clear, organized manner. This goes a long way with recruiters as it makes your CV easy to read and scan through ATS.

How to update the information on your resume

It should ideally be targeted to the position for which you are seeking. Using a range of fonts, inconsistent bolding, different date formats, and so on will give the impression that you’ve gradually added parts to the same text over several years.

Making your resume look modern

We have taken care of your resume layout. You will find all sorts of modern designs on this page. However, since all our modern samples are customizable in Word, you still have the freedom to choose to change elements such as font, color scheme, and even the pre-determined sections.

Keep in mind the following when making such changes:

  • Emphasize name and job title.
  • Choose a clean and simple font, such as Arial or Calibri.
  • Avoid using too many different fonts or colors, as this can make your resume look cluttered and unprofessional.
  • Use a consistent color scheme throughout your resume.
  • Lines help you separate sections for a clean read.
  • Include your logo if you dont want to use a photo.

Modern Resume FAQs

Where can I download a professional modern resume template?

Right here! Download your free professional modern resume template and start sending it out to recruiters today! We have a template for everyone. Whether you are new in the workforce or changing your job, you will find the one that fits your experience and personality. What you have to do is:

  1. Browse through our +100 templates
  2. Click on the template that resonates with you
  3. Hit the download button
  4. Download starts automatically
  5. Open in Word
  6. Customize to make it your own
  7. Save as PDF
  8. Send to recruiters!

When to put a photo on your resume?

HR experts in the EU recommend not to use one if you are looking for a job in English-speaking countries like the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. Indian job recruiters, however, may have conflicting ideas on the matter depending on the job position you are applying to. Ask the recruiting agency directly for their opinion.

On the other hand, job seekers in countries like Spain, France, and Germany use a photo on their CVs. Although, it might be seen as unprofessional and can even lead to discrimination.We have included a section for you to include a photo just in case. You could always delete that element and leave a blank breathing space instead.