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Download this free cover letter template for Product manager in Word format

This product manager cover letter sample is available for free download in Word. Crafting a cover letter might seem intimidating. However, using clear instructions and examples, you can quickly write an effective cover letter. Our cover letter sample for product managers is simple yet persuasive. Download it now!

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A product manager cover letter must reflect the expertise and skills gained through training or work. It should tell the hiring manager what makes you the best fit for the position. This article includes a product manager cover letter sample with six fail-proof tips. Use this guide and write a compelling cover letter that gets you hired today!

Product manager cover letter template

Full Name
Phone Number
Email Address

Hiring Manager’s Full Name
Job Title
Company Name
Company Address

To: Hiring Manager Full Name, Date

Dear Mr./Ms./Mx. Hiring Manager Last Name,

With great enthusiasm, I am applying for the position of Senior Product Manager at ABC Co, as advertised on I have more than 10 years of experience serving in similar tech companies. During my previous jobs, I have accumulated extensive expertise and skill sets that align perfectly with your company’s goals.

Currently, I am a Senior Head of Products at 123 Tech, where I oversee a team of 20 engineers and junior product managers. Moreover, I am responsible for strategic planning, research, project development, and execution for various financial and technology products. My thorough understanding of the product development life cycle comes from cross-functional collaborations and project management. Harnessing my expertise, I have successfully led 5 IoT and 3 voice assistant integration projects over 11 months. These projects have contributed to a 35% increase in the company’s revenue.

Besides technical expertise, I have exceptional team leadership, time management, and communication skills. I also have Microsoft Power Platform certifications, due to which I have streamlined and accelerated product developments. The automation has boosted the overall efficiency of my subordinates.

With my extensive product management, client management, and engineering background, I am confident that I’ll be able to contribute to your company’s growth. I am thrilled to be a part of a reputable company, and I would love to get in touch with you to talk more about the value I can bring. Feel free to contact me at any time. Thank you for considering my job application.

Leah Richards

Six effective tips for writing a product manager cover letter

Whether you are writing a junior product manager cover letter or for a senior level, the following points will be equally helpful.

1. Read the product manager job post carefully

It is the most important yet neglected step while writing a cover letter. The product manager’s post is critical in any company. So, if you want your cover letter to be impressive, read the job post carefully. Also, make sure to conduct a brief research on the company.

Remember, a cover letter should differ from your “one-for-all” resume. So, instead of making a couple of tweaks here and there, take your time and tailor it to that particular job. If you address each requirement well, the hiring manager will notice the effort you put in. That’s how you can make a remarkable first impression.

2. Create a professional heading for the product manager’s cover letter

The first thing the hiring manager will look at is the header. That is why it should contain the sender’s and receiver’s exact information. Many cover letters miss crucial details while writing this specific part. They either fail to specify the company or the hiring manager’s name.

Here is a quick rundown of what your header should contain:

  • Applicant’s full name
  • Applicant’s email address
  • Applicant’s phone number
  • Current date
  • Hiring Manager full name & title
  • Company name

3. Begin with an enthusiastic intro

An enthusiastic opening line is always a good idea to captivate the reader’s attention. A product manager’s job demands effective leadership, quick thinking, and strong decision-making skills. Hence, the energy must reflect in your cover letter from the beginning.

Make sure to provide a clear introduction and mention the position you are applying for. Also, it is advisable to add where you learned about the job. Moving further, include a single sentence stating how your expertise will be beneficial to the company.

4. Focus on your experience in the first body paragraph

Your cover letter tells a narrative that compliments your resume. The narrative is about how you brought value to your previous jobs and why you will be the best fit for the job. Hence, while crafting this part, it’s best to think about the common questions asked in an interview.

For instance, “prominent skills you have developed during your last job,” “your major achievements so far,” or “any significant project that you initiated,” etc. At the same time, you must keep the job requirements in mind while crafting the first body paragraph.

Here’s how you can address these questions effectively:

  1. Start with the advanced skills you have acquired at your previous jobs. These could be your technical knowledge, project management skills, market research capabilities, etc.
  2. Next, briefly describe your significant accomplishments as a product manager. It could be about a successful product launch, project automation, or roadmap development. Think about your most prominent contribution to the previous jobs and describe it with examples.

5. Highlight your qualities in the product manager cover letter

Now that you have discussed your skill set and expertise, it’s time to mention your soft skills. Since product managers have to constantly communicate, soft skills are equally crucial along with technical expertise. Here’s what you can focus on in this body paragraph.

  • Mention how you conduct solid and effective communication with the multi-functional teams such as design, engineers, stakeholders, marketers, sales, etc.
  • Specify your critical thinking, effective decision-making, and problem-solving skills that enable you to overcome challenges.
  • Talk about your leadership and conflict resolution skills.

6. Add a clear CTA in the closing paragraph

Once you have added each essential detail, wind up your product manager’s cover letter with a CTA. Moreover, it directs the reader to take quick action to reach out. Make sure you sound confident and assertive that you are the best fit for this job.

Lastly, show your gratitude for their time and consideration. Also, add a salutation such as “faithfully” or “sincerely” and write your name while signing off. Furthermore, after finishing the cover letter, review and proofread it. It would be best to run it on an editing tool to rule out grammatical or punctuation errors.

Product Manager Resume

product manager resume

Product Manager Cover Letter FAQs

How to write a cover letter for a product management intern?

You can follow the same template and sequence that we have provided. However, for an intern with minimum to no experience, you must focus more on your certifications and seminars or workshops experience. Moreover, you can also highlight any specific project you participated in during your college years.

What should be the length of my product manager’s cover letter?

A single-page cover letter is ideal for a product manager post. The cover letter usually contains 4-5 paragraphs. Here is the sequence you should follow:

  • Header
  • Intro
  • First body paragraph (hard skills)
  • Second body paragraph (soft skills)
  • Conclusion
  • Sign-off

Using our cover letter template for product managers, you can easily craft a winning cover letter for your next job.

How to download this free product cover letter template?

You can download our product manager cover letter sample in four simple steps:

  1. Go to the upper right corner of the page.
  2. Find the download box and the compatible version of Word for your device.
  3. Click on download.
  4. Start editing the file.