Creative Resume Templates

Our creative resume templates free are ideal for anyone who wants to stand out thanks to an original touch. A creative resume template is perfect for attracting the attention of a recruiter and setting yourself apart from the crowd.

The more creative and original is your resume, the better chance you have of standing out from your competitors. Remember that your Curriculum Vitae should reflect your personality.

Choose one of our more creative free resume templates:

Why should you have an creative resume?

In every job offer, the companies and recruiters receive thousands of resumes with all kinds of designs. So, how can you make your CV stand out from the others? You have two ways of doing it: choose the content or choose the form. The best solution of all is to choose the form and beef it up with quality content. A good resume is the one that attracts the recruiter at the first glance. There’s nothing better than an original CV that captivates everyone who looks at it. It will make the difference between you and the other candidates.

How to create an original CV?

To create an original resume, you just need to follow this simple step: download one of our free original CV templates. Our examples of original CV templates for Word are completely customizable. Once you download it, you can replace the text with your own information in the Word document. Choose now your favorite template and start downloading it for free!