Creative Resume Templates 2023

Our creative resume templates free are ideal for anyone who wants to stand out thanks to an original touch. Take advantage of our experts’ design skills and download your free creative resume template now! Our resumes are compatible with all versions of Microsoft Word and can be easily customized. Change the color of your font, section headings, and even the layout to make it your own. Get started now!

Free download these creative resume templates in Word format:

How to fill one of our creative resume formats?

Simply download the template that resonates with you and start editing in Word. Keep these 3 tips in mind when filling out your creative resume format:

  • Follow the section headings and fill them in with your professional experience, profile summary, skills and education.
  • Your work experience should be filled in reverse chronological order as this is the recommended format by HR experts. 
  • Include both hard skills and soft skills to paint an overall picture of what you can bring to the table at your desired position.
  • Use keywords from the job description to tailor your content to the desired position.

Why should you have an creative resume?

In every job offer, the companies and recruiters receive thousands of resumes with all kinds of designs. So, how can you make your CV stand out from the others? You have two ways of doing it: choose the content or choose the form. The best solution of all is to choose the form and beef it up with quality content. A good resume is the one that attracts the recruiter at the first glance. There’s nothing better than an original CV that captivates everyone who looks at it. It will make the difference between you and the other candidates.

Unleash your inspiration with our creative resume templates

Our resume examples are all made to download and edit using Microsoft Word. We provide the creativity, and you the content. All the sections have been pre-determined. They cover all the main aspects of a professional resume while displaying the creative skills necessary for your respective industries.

These templates are for you if you work in these industries:

  • Graphic designer
  • Illustrator
  • Creative director
  • Web designer
  • Animator
  • Video editor
  • Photographer

Fully customizable creative resume samples

As creatives, surely you have a style preference or brand identity that you want to stay true to. No worries! You are also free to customize in Word the template as you see fit, according to your aesthetics and the position you are applying for. Remember to use keywords that align with the job description for higher chances of visibility.

Top 10 parts of a creative resume format

  1. Headshot or logo
  2. A flashy color used throughout the template
  3. A strong font that draws attention to the candidate’s name
  4. Plenty of white space to balance out the colors
  5. Strong lines that guide the reader to all parts of the resume
  6. A well-written creative profile summary
  7. Links to portfolio and blogs
  8. Social media handles
  9. A strong emphasis on the top of the resume
  10. Stylish and modern design that works for a variety of fields

Creative Resume FAQs

What is the difference between a basic resume design and a creative resume template?

A standard resume focuses on your skills and experience, whereas a creative resume does that while also exposing your design skills. This type of resume bodes well with those working in the creative industry, as they can truly showcase their knowledge and expertise and implement them on the one document that will bring them more work or take their career to the next level. A creative resume goes beyond simply listing your qualifications; it tells a story and engages the reader, making your resume more memorable.

Download one of our creative resume examples now! Change the layout to fit your image and style. It’s free!

How do I describe creative skills on a resume?

Sometimes creativity is hard to pin down in words. That is why instead of listing them, HR experts advise to mention the projects you have worked on. This could indicate a visually captivating marketing campaign, or an innovative user interface you designed. That way, the job recruiter can measure the full scope of your creative abilities. This doesn’t meant that you leave out your skills. Those are necessary in all resume types.

How should I list achievements on a creative resume?

The content on your resume needs to be direct, especially when describing your accomplishments in previous roles. Using action verbs and metrics takes you a long way. And, if done well, they will take you all the way to the front door.

Here is a list of various accomplishments that you should add to your creative professional resume:

  • Industry awards you won or contributed to
  • Revenue or sales you increased for the company
  • Ideas or innovations you introduced
  • Problems you identified and solved
  • Special projects you worked on
  • The money you saved for the company
  • Procedures or systems you developed, implemented, or optimized
  • The time you saved for the company
  • Media coverage you gained for the company
  • Blogging and influence metrics on social media