How to Edit and Update my Europass CV

You want to create or modify your Europass CV, but you don’t know exactly how to do it? Follow these steps to create your European Curriculum. ✓ Tips on how to fill Europass CV in Word format.

Edit your Europass CV in Word

Using Word to edit your Europass CV is simple and fast. The main benefit is that working in Word allows you to constantly update your European CV. You will not need a europass cv online editor. Don’t miss the chance of having the best format to work with. Follow these simple steps:

Click on the download button to start filling the Europass Resume. If Word disables the editing option, just click on enable on top of the document.

cv europass sample

The Europass CV has the next sections to fill with your professional information:

  • Contact
  • Position
  • Work experience
  • Education
  • Skills and core competencies

Editing the Europass in Word is the easiest way to have the perfect resume in less than 15 minutes!  Just double-click on each section and type in your information.

Edit your contact information

It is important to have your contact information up to date (address, phone number, email…). Recruiters or future employees need these to get in touch with you.

It is also important to frame your perfect picture (if you decide to add one on your resume) because it needs to show the best part of you. To add it, just click on Insert, then select Image and chose the one you want from your library.

Update your work experience

Keeping your resume up to the date is almost mandatory. Every time you subscribe to a new program or start a new job, you must go to your resume file and add your new information.

If you need to add new job experience just copy paste the latest one and double-click to replace it with the newest.

The main rule es to type your experiences in a chronological way. This means you have to start with the latest or present job and go backwards.

Education section

Once you study a new course or certification that will provide you with new skills, add it to your Europass CV and keep on showing employers that you are the perfect candidate to take up the position.

As in work experience, in the education section you can also copy-paste the basic structure or format and replace it with the newest information.

Keep your skills up to date

This resume section is where recruiters usually focus their attention. Here is where more keywords could be added. Also, you can present your command of foreign languages. Upgrade your Europass Resume by adding languages.

To add a new language, double-click and replace the information with the language you know.

Don’t forget to highlight your software skills, digital competencies are more useful everyday and will help you stand out from other candidates.

Additional information

If you need space for a new section, you can also add it in the Europass CV. Maybe you need to list your awards, publications or research. Don’t hesitate to include it if needed.

Keep your Europass CV updated

Once you finish updating your resume, don’t forget to save the file!

To quickly edit your Europass CV in further occasions, we suggest a double save: click on the Save icon (upper left corner) and then click on File>Save as> and chose the PDF format option from the scroll down menu. The PDF is the formal format that employers ask for during applications.

Writing your Eurpass Resume in Word is quick and easy and allows you to apply with the best format!

Edit your Europass CV online


One you created the Europass CV on the official website, you have the option of editing online in the same site. Since July 2020 it has a renewed interface.

Here’s how to edit your Europass CV online in a few and simple steps:

Upload the Europass CV to edit it

Once you are on the homepage, click on Create a New CV in the upper left corner.

A pop-up will ask you to create a profile if you haven’t registered already. But if you did and your CV was created online, click on continue and then import your Europass CV.

On this step, the sources you can import from are:

  • Your device
  • Drive
  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive

Select the PDF file you previously created on the Europass site to edit your CV.

Once you opened the European Curriculum, you will have different options to start editing.

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Edit your contact information

You can change your contact information on the first page. Modify all fields by typing the information you want to replace in the specific fields.

Once you have completed the edition, click on Save.

Update your job experiences

In this section you can add or edit the fields related to your work experience. Just click on the Add o Edit buttons to type the new information.

Keeping up to date your latest work experience is very important.

You can also edit your Europass Curriculum Vitae by inverting the position of the sections according to your needs. To move the sections just click on the arrow icon on the left of each section.

Edit Skills and more information

Change your Europass CV by adding or updating the skills you want.

Save and export the modified Europass CV

Once you have finished editing or updating your Europass CV, you can save the changes by clicking on the Next button. You’ll be redirected to a site where you can rename the file which will automatically be converted into the PDF format so you can download it in your device.

After this, click on Finish to return to the homepage. Now you’re done! No more questions about how to edit your Europass! Now you’re ready to apply for your dream job!

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