Graphic Designer Resume Sample 2023

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Download this graphic designer resume example for free in Word format

This graphic design resume sample is available for free download in Word format. It is perfect for graphic designers of all fields and is easily customizable, so you would be able to put your unique style or brand on full display. Download it now and get started on your job hunt today!

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In order to get hired in the field of your choice, you’re going to need a graphic design resume. Use the following tips and examples compiled by our experts to help you create a job-winning resume that will hit the mark with job recruiters and and get you employed way sooner than later. Stop procratinating and get started now!

Graphic designer resume objective examples

Your resume objective, or profile summary, goes at the top of your resume, usually placed adjacent to your contact information and picture (if you choose to include one). It should summarize your graphic design resume in 3-4 sentences, while using keywords from the job description of each position you are applying for. Check out these examples for inspiration:

Graphic designer resume objective with no experience

As a driven, enthusiastic person with a good eye for aesthetics, I’m ready to start a dynamic career in graphic design Despite my lack of professional expertise, I am knowledgeable about design concepts and have experience with a variety of design applications. I am able to produce aesthetically beautiful and interesting designs due to my creativity and curiosity for learning.

Designer profile summary for freelancers

With a successful track record as a freelance graphic designer, I am able to translate visions into stunning visual representations. With a broad portfolio covering several sectors, I have the adaptability to meet special design requirements. I thrive on providing outstanding design solutions that elevate businesses and encourage involvement.

Graphic design student resume objective

I am a proactive and aspirational student pursuing a degree in graphic design who is committed to honing her skills. Because of my academic background and practical design software training, I have a solid foundation in typography, layout, and design concepts. I look for opportunities to apply my knowledge, collaborate with others, and contribute to real-world initiatives.

Intern Designer resume objective

I’m a highly driven graphic design intern that is excited to bring my talents and creativity to a vibrant group. I have developed skills in creating aesthetically appealing designs and in the Adobe Creative Suite via my studies and independent projects. I am eager to collaborate with seasoned designers to hone my skills, obtain priceless industry insights, and get a deeper comprehension of design methods.

Senior graphic designer resume objective

With an illustrious career spanning several years in graphic design, I bring a wealth of experience and leadership to the table. Throughout my journey, I have demonstrated an unparalleled ability to conceptualize and execute innovative design solutions across various mediums. My comprehensive knowledge of design trends, user experience, and branding strategies allows me to lead and inspire creative teams to deliver exceptional results.

How to list graphic design skills on a resume

To land a job as a graphic designer it is important to include hard skills such as specific software programs you’ve used, and soft skills that showcase the human attributes and interpersonal sills that you have acquired through your professional and personal life.

Soft Skills

  • Creative Thinking 
  • Time Management 
  • Communication Skills 
  • Problem Solving 
  • Collaboration 
  • Adaptability 
  • Interpersonal Skills 
  • Teamwork

Hard Skills

  • Adobe Creative Suite 
  • Sketch and Figma App 
  • Branding & Identity Design 
  • Motion Graphics & Animation Software 
  • HTML & CSS Coding 
  • Layout & Typography 
  • 3D Modeling Software 
  • Video Editing Software

Job titles

Your job title must be included depending on your field of experience in graphic design. Here are some examples of jobs that are used on graphic design CVs:

Digital Media Designer 

Creative Director

UX/UI Designer 

Visual Designer 

Art Director 

What to put on a graphic designer resume

When creating your resume, you should include the following sections: 

  • Contact Information: It is important to include your full name, phone number and email address in this section. You can also provide a link to your portfolio here.
  • Summary/Objective Statement: Summarize your graphic design responsibilities and experience into a few sentences. Use keywords from the job description.
  • Skills Section: Include all relevant soft and hard skills as shown above.
  • Professional Experience: Go into detail on how you have contributed to the workflow while quantifying your achievements. Include 2-3 bullet points for each.
  • Education: Write the name and location of the university you attended, which program, and duration.
  • Additional Sections: Depending on your experience level you could include a section for your portfolio, awards and recognition, interests or recommendations.

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Graphic Design Resume FAQs

How to download this free graphic design resume sample?

Download this graphic designer resume sample by following these simple steps:

  1. Scroll up to the download box.
  2. Click on the link that corresponds to your version of Word.
  3. Open the document and fill in your information.
  4. Export in PDF for a professional touch.

How to write a designer resume with no experience?

You can write a graphic design resume with no experience by using the same tips as mentioned above, but with more focus on:

  • The coursework you have completed in your studies.
  • Any personal projects you may have worked on in your leisure time.

Download this free graphic design resume example now!

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