4 Ways to Send a Resume by Email or LinkedIn

Learn how to send a resume by email or LinkedIn. Discover the simple steps for sending your CV via social media!

Many of us have trouble when it is time to send a resume through email or LinkedIn. This could be because our CV file is too large, the file doesn’t attach, or other issues. For this reason, we want to help you solve this problem and suggest a few ways you can send your resume by email to companies and be assured that it will be received by the intended contact person.

It is beneficial to have a variety of CV formats. That way, you can send your resume through different web sites, giving you more opportunities to contact numerous companies or hiring agencies and find a job.

To send your resume through email or LinkedIn you have 4 options:

1. Send your CV as an attachment

Via email: you can send your CV as an attachment in PDF format. If it is very large, compress it before sending. Warning! Don’t compress too much, or the image resolution may be affected.

2. Upload your resume to LinkedIn

Via email or LinkedIn: you can send your CV attached in PDF format to your LinkedIn account and send the URL to the profile of the desired contact. This is very effective! Also, your LinkedIn account can be personalized and optimized. And you can attach elements that will add significantly more value to your profile such as: a portfolio, videos, completed work, diplomas… This will help a great deal when it comes time to apply for a job offer.

3. Send your resume via WeTransfer

Through email or LinkedIn: you can make a link with a compressed archive using WeTransfer and send your CV within your e-mail or message to the contact person.

4. Create a video resume

For email or LinkedIn: create an original video CV, upload it to your YouTube channel and share the link with the desired contact person. This video curriculum can also be an additional piece for your online candidacy.

If you don’t want the whole world to see your video resume, you can configure your privacy settings. This way the person to whom you send the link will be the only one viewing your message.

Thanks to this medium, recruiters will know more about you and understand your motivation for desiring to occupy a particular vacancy. Another idea is to make one video cv per company specifying the reason that working with them would be a good fit for you. But only you can decide how far to go with it.

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