Unhappy at work?

Stress and suffering at work. Learn how to share your opinion in a way it will help you change the negative points. Transform now your work environment!

Every day there are more and more people who are dissatisfied with various aspects of their work life, but do not feel comfortable expressing how they feel and only wish to quickly change jobs.

In this situation of anxiety, depression, discontentment at work, it is important to take certain measures. Perhaps you like your job, but because of a particular situation you want to throw it all away.

1. Freedom of Opinion at Work

For a director, employees are a fundamental resource that they would like to preserve and see grow within their companies. That’s why your opinion, or point of view, is as important to the upper management as it is to you.

If you don’t express how you feel the manager may think that everything is fine.

If nobody takes the initiative, the discontentment will only increase and have even worse repercussions for you in your work area.

Many times it’s like a relationship. If we don’t express how we’re feeling and we just behave negatively, our partner won’t understand what is happening. If we exhibit a negative attitude this will only make things worse and, ultimately, not bring about the solution desired.

2. How to express your dissatisfaction at work?

For many people it is difficult to express directly what they think about their jobs. Today, thanks to technological advancements, we are able to have a freedom of expression at work, that is much more direct and without reproach.

Recently, many applications have been launched like Niko Niko and Roundpegg, allowing workers to answer questions about how they feel concerning certain aspects of their job. Each question is answered with a happy face or sad face that translates to a satisfaction percentage of 1-100. The surveys are then sent to the directors and shared to encourage discussion and the exchange of ideas.

Another application is Culture Map. It consists of administering the interviews of the comings and goings of the candidates. This gives the directors an idea of why employees come to work and why some leave their jobs. This can help generate some beneficial changes for the company.

Mood Ring is another app where the candidates take a survey about how they feel concerning their jobs periodically, weekly and monthly. Companies can design surveys to ask only one question while giving employees the option to respond just by making one click, or with a brief text. This is another easy means of expression.

The frequency by which these surveys are sent out depends on the company and what their individual objectives are (feedback during a meeting, for example). This will allow freedom to express opinions and, because the company will now understand what’s going on with the employees, the company will be able to make quick and effective changes.

3. Have a coffee with your manager

If your company doesn’t have these applications in place yet, or doesn’t wish to implement them, opt for having coffee with your boss. You can also try sending an email expressing your discontentment and proposing a potential solution for how the situation can be improved.

Remember: don’t stop at just complaining, but also propose solutions that will benefit everyone.

Most managers are open to new ideas as long as it’s for the purpose of improvement.

Expressing your opinion about your company’s working environment and your goals with your manager can improve your work life. Companies are always willing to listen and improve for the benefit of their employees. This could be more beneficial than you think, and nothing is lost by doing so.

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