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Download this free fresher cover letter sample in Word format

This fresher cover letter template is available for free download in Word format. Writing a cover letter might seem daunting, especially to newbies. Here’s why our cover letter guide and template are designed to help you. This cover letter sample for a fresher is clear, concise, and persuasive. Download it now!

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You are already a nervous fresher applying for your first job, and that job post asks for a cover letter. Don’t fret; writing a cover letter for freshers is not as intimidating as it sounds. In fact, it’s quite simple. When written precisely, it enhances your chances of getting hired.

Fresher cover letter example

Full Name
Phone Number
Email Address

Hiring Manager’s Full Name
Job Title
Company Name
Company Address

To: Hiring Manager Full Name, Date

Dear Mr./Ms./Mx. Hiring Manager Last Name,

I am thrilled to apply for the Junior Software Developer position at Horizon Technologies, as advertised on As a recent graduate with a Bachelor’s degree and a decent experience in the field, I am eager to contribute my skills, knowledge, and fresh approach to the company’s growth.

I have done a 3-month long internship at a reputed software house, where I gained valuable expertise in programming languages such as Java, C++, Python, and Jira. Besides, I have honed my coding skills throughout my academic journey by participating in various app development projects. I have also taken online courses on FreeCodeCamp, which has helped me enhance my coding expertise.

Besides my technical skills, I have excellent time management and team-leading capabilities. I was selected as the team leader for a college assignment, and our project won the first prize. Besides, I possess exceptional communication skills, enabling me to collaborate efficiently with the team. I am keen to work in a competitive yet dynamic working environment like yours, where I can grow my skill set and deliver superior-quality software solutions that surpass expectations.

Lastly, I firmly believe I am a perfect fit for your company as I possess all the required skill sets plus some valuable certifications that will bring value to the company. I am excited to be a part of your company; kindly contact me to schedule an in-person or telephonic meeting.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I’ve also attached my CV for evaluation. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Susan Wilder

How to write a cover letter for fresher graduate?

1. Start with a professional heading & personalized greeting

The contact detail is the most crucial part of the cover letter. Hence, a perfect cover letter always starts with personal information at the top of the document. Remember, hiring managers go through many cover letters and CVs daily, so try to keep yours as crisp as possible by keeping all the essential data easily visible.

Additionally, address the employer with their name in the cover letter. If you don’t know the person, a brief search on LinkedIn or the company website would help. It not only adds a personalized touch but also leaves an excellent first impression. 

Here’s a quick checklist of what goes in your cover letter header:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Current date
  • Hiring manager’s full name and title in the company

2. Introduce yourself clearly in the opening paragraph

The opening paragraph is the make-or-break part of a cover letter. Imagine you are in a salon’s waiting room with several magazines on the table before you. You will likely pick the one with the most intriguing cover and headline. The same applies to a powerful opening paragraph.

That’s why it is advisable to add a touch of enthusiasm while crafting a cover letter. However, be mindful that your enthusiasm shouldn’t come across as desperation. Keep it subtle and move on to further description. Give your clear introduction, the position you’re interested in, and where you learned about the specific job post. 

3. Focus on your hard skills & achievements in the fresher cover letter

After a clear and concise intro, it’s time to put your skills on the show in your fresher cover letter. But first, carefully review the job description and then craft the body paragraph tailored to the specific requirements. Although it might be a bit more challenging for a fresher to add previous experience, with the right choice of words, you can still craft a stellar cover letter, even with minimum information.

Here is a quick breakdown of all the skills and achievements you can highlight in your cover letter for fresher graduates:

  • Internships: If you have done internships during college or are currently working in a company, it will be a plus point in your fresher cover letter. Make sure you highlight all the hard skills supported by the tasks you are responsible for. For instance, if you are mentioning the hard skill copywriting, do mention that you manage social media copywriting for 3 clients.
  • Attended seminars or workshops: List down the seminars or workshops you have attended, especially those that bring value to the job.
  • Certifications: Certifications enhances credibility; hence they are an asset for beginners. Mention the certifications that provide you with relevant knowledge or skill set for the specific job.

4. Highlight your soft skills in the cover letter for fresher

This body paragraph is your chance to convince the hiring manager that you will be a good fit for the job. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have significant hard skills to mention yet; you have a lot to tell when it comes to soft or human skills.

Make a list of all the qualities that sets you apart. Be it your problem-solving nature, exceptional analytical skills, communication, time management, creativity, or emotional intelligence, try to concisely include each quality in this paragraph. However, whichever quality you mention, support it with an example.

5. Leave a call to action in the closing paragraph

Your cover letter for fresher has everything, now it’s time to end it with a call to action that prompts the employer to contact you. Remember, the cover letter you started with sheer enthusiasm should be concluded on a positive note. In the closing paragraph, you should sound confident about why you are the best fit for the job post.

6. Thank them for their time & sign-off

Finish your cover letter by thanking the hiring manager for their time and consideration. Moreover, mention salutations such as “sincerely,” “faithfully,” or “kind regards.” Lastly, write your name if it’s an email, whereas, for hard copy, it’s a best practice to leave your signature along with the name. Once you have finished your cover letter, make sure you edit and proofread it to rectify any mistakes.

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Fresher Cover Letter FAQs

How do I write a cover letter for a job with no experience?

Here’s how to write a perfect cover letter for a fresher:

  • Thoroughly review the job posting.
  • Mention your personal information at the top.
  • Start with a personalized greeting.
  • Introduce yourself clearly and mention if someone referred you from the company.
  • Highlight your experience, achievement, and skillset.
  • Describe your soft skills and qualities.
  • Wind up with a CTA.
  • Add a salutation.

What should the length of my fresher cover letter be?

Ideally, the cover letter for fresher should be one page long, with 2-4 paragraphs. Despite being brief, the cover letter must include all the essential details, such as your expertise and qualities, in an effective way. Following our cover letter example for freshers, you can write a perfect cover letter.

How do I download this free fresher cover letter sample?

Downloading our fresher cover letter sample is as simple as ABC:

  1. Go to the top rightof the page.
  2. Locate the download box and the compatible Word version for your device.
  3. Click download.
  4. Start editing.