Free Curriculum Vitae Template 2023

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Free Curriculum Vitae template in Word format

It can be difficult to find work, but with our free Curriculum Vitae template in Word, you can design an amazing resume that will help you land that dream job! This ready-to-print CV sample is easy to customize and can be exported in Word or PDF format. Use it to demonstrate your abilities and impress recruiters at your next interview. With this template, you can succeed in your job hunt and achieve your particular objectives. Download for free!

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Download our customizable Curriculum Vitae template and take advantage of its contemporary design and structured framework to land your next interview. It is completely free and easily configurable in Microsoft Word! Modify the font size, colors, and even section heads to suit your preferences. 

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What is a Curriculum Vitae template?

A Curriculum Vitae template is a pre-designed document that provides a framework to help you write a winning CV. We have sectioned it off so that you don’t have to worry about forgetting any vital information. You just need to fill it in with your skills, experience, and educational background, making sure that it is relevant to the job position you are applying to. 

How do you write a Curriculum Vitae template?

We included sections that function as the pillars of a winning curriculum vitae template. They cover all aspects of your professional life to paint a clear picture of who the person is behind the resume. All our templates follow this format and this free curriculum vitae template isn’t any different.

1. Contact information

Begin by stating your name, job title, and contact information. Make your name larger in font size than the items around it. Next, add your current job title or the title of the position you are seeking.

2. Profile or career objective

Include a profile summary, or a career objective, under it. A career objective is a brief statement that describes your years of experience, skills, and what you hope to accomplish in your future employment.

3. Professional experience

HR experts recommend using reverse chronological order to list your work history in your Curriculum Vitae template. Which means that you start by listing your most recent job position, leading up to the first one that is most compatible with the position you are applying to. So let’s say that you’re interested in a job in accounting, but your first job was babysitting, it would be best to omit that information and focus on a position that is better related to accounting as your “first” job experience. This isn’t really lying as much as it is filtering out unnecessary information to help your CV stand out within the competition.

4. ATS compatibility

This Curriculum vitae Template was created with ATS compatibility in mind, ensuring that applicant tracking systems can scan it. This implies your CV is more likely to pass the first screening and can then be transferred to a job recruiter’s desk.

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How to download this Curriculum Vitae format for free?

  1. Click on the download button.
  2. Open the Word document.
  3. Customize your Curriculum Vitae sample.
  4. Export it in PDF format.
  5. Ready to send out!

Download this free Curriculum Vitae sample now!

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