Free Student Resume 2023 Example in Word

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Download your free student resume template in Word format

Use this free student resume to apply to universities, internships, or even your first job. We help make your job search a smoother experience by providing the perfect resume template for you! Just download the resume template and start editing it in Word. No need to fill out any form or register! Find your next job now!

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Our student resume template is free! Use this template to create a clean, modern resume highlighting your achievements and potential.

Also, the template is fully customizable in Microsoft Word, allowing you to change the fonts, colors, and formatting to match your style.

Whether you’re applying for an internship, a part-time job, or your first full-time position, our student resume template is the perfect solution. It is pre-designed to help you stand out from other candidates and show potential employers why you’re the best fit for the role.

So, if you’re ready to take the first step in your career journey, download our student resume template now!

What is a student resume?

A student resume is a document that high school students use to showcase their skills, experience, and achievements to potential employers or admissions officers.

The information on it should highlight any academic achievements, honor certificates, or study abroad programs you were a part of.  A well-crafted student resume can help you stand out from the competition so you can get that interview sooner than you ever thought possible!

Why should I use this student resume in 2023?

This easy-to-use template is perfect for high school students that are just starting to build their professional experience. With clear sections and helpful prompts, our template will help you showcase your skills and achievements in a way that will impress any job recruiter or admissions officer.

This template will help you highlight your strengths. This way, you can confidently take that first step into your career path!

The free resume example is customizable. We have sectioned it off, so your only job is to fill it in with your contact info, work, and volunteering experience. As it is in Word format, you can easily find the color and font you identify with and move around the elements to make it yours.

In short, our resume template for high school students is the perfect tool to help you showcase your skills and experience and land the job or program of your dreams. Try it now and see how easy it can be to create a standout resume!

How to make a resume for a high school student?

To make a resume for a high school student, you need to remember to use clear, concise language to describe your experience and achievements. It is also important to use keywords from the job description to tailor it to the desired position.

We have listed what information to add to your student resume below:

  1. Contact information
  2. Education
  3. Work experience 
  4. Extracurricular activities
  5.  Volunteering
  6. Skills
  7. Interests

Check out How to make a resume for more tips!

How to download the resume example for high school students for free.

It cannot get any easier than this! Follow the steps below to successfully download and edit your free student resume template:

  1. Click on the free Download button above.
  2. The download will start automatically.
  3. Go to the downloads folder on your device and open the Word document.
  4. Edit your resume student and export it to PDF.
  5. Send to recruiters!

Get started on your resume example for high school students now!

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