How to make the Europass CV in PDF

Create your Europass CV in PDF in 5 simple steps and get your dream job ✓. Europass CV PDF to fill out. Let’s get started!

What is Europass format CV?

The Europass CV, also known as European Curriculum Vitae, is a standard CV format created in 2002 by the European Commission. It is easy-to-use and was made to allow candidates to use a simple resume structure and increase transparency in the selection process of citizens among Europe. Work experience is highlighted, as well as skills and qualifications.

Europass is recommended for those who want to enroll at a university abroad or looking for a job experience in other countries. Creating a Europass CV in PDF is the first step to get new opportunities.

Creating the Europass CV in PDF format is easy. Follow the next steps!

5 simple steps to create the Europass CV in PDF

1. Download the Europass CV template in Word format

Free download the Europass CV template in Word and, once you’re done filling your personal information, save the Europass CV in PDF on your device.

europass cv format

The official Europass website also allows you to create your CV online and, without a registration process, download the Europass CV in PDF so you can always have it with you.

2. Fill out the Europass CV with your professional information

You’ll need to fill in the information by sections so you can create your Europass. Follow these tips:

  • Contact information. Here you need to enter name, surname, address or residence, date of birth… without leaving aside your contact details: email and phone number so that recruiters can get it touch with you.
  • Work experience. This section is about your professional history. List the jobs you had in a chronological order starting with the most recent and don’t forget to highlight the tasks you’ve done.
  • Education. In this part of your CV you have to type the information related to your trainings and studies. Always starting from the most recent. Explain the qualifications obtained during the courses you had attended if you find it relevant to the position you’re applying for.
  • Language skills. If you are proficient in additional languages besides your native one, write them down. Add the level if you have the ability to speak, write and read in other languages. If the level is very low, we recommend that you skip this information.
  • Computer skills. List your IT skills here, such as Photoshop, Office, Drive or any specialized software you know.
  • Interpersonal skills. This section is important to highlight your abilities to relate to others, which are fundamental in a professional context.
  • Organizational skills. Do you know how to manage a team? Are you well organized? Type it here.
  • Technical skills. Enter the skills related to your position or field.
  • Artistic skills. If you are a creative person let employers know about your artistic interests, they might find it interesting for the position.

Extra information

  • Other skills. Add the extra information you want recruiters to know. For example: awards, publications, or congresses.
  • Driving license. You can add your license information if it is relevant to the position.
  • Further information. This section is like “other skills”. Add the data you find necessary to show.
  • Attachments. List attachments to your CV here.

Don’t forget it’s not compulsory to fill in all the sections. You can delete the irrelevant areas and create your own European CV. That is the reason why you can customize your European CV in PDF.

3. Customize your Europass CV

The Europass Curriculum Vitae has a standard format, but you have the option to customize the template by choosing different fonts and colors. The font size y also important to highlight the main information: we advise you to write your name and last name in bold (or in a larger font) in your Europass CV in PDF.

Add your picture: pick the one in which you have a slight smile, a professional look, and a neutral background.

4. Mind the spelling

A resume that has spelling mistakes is certainly not a good start and can be quickly rejected. There are a lot of online tools to help you correct the mistakes. Turn on the spell check on Word so you can write a perfect resume mistake free.

5. Save as PDF and submit your application

The Europass CV is requested in PDF format. That’s why you need to have an easy access to the file. Save it in your email and in all the devices you can.

Complete Guide: How to create a Europass CV


How can I get the Europass CV in PDF?

  • Once you have filled in your Europass CV in Word, you can create the PDF version by following these steps: File> Save as> and choose from the dropdown menu the PDF format.
  • If you have created your CV on the official Europass website, the process will end with the downloading in PDF option to save it on your device.

Now that you know everything about how to create your Europass CV in PDF, there’s no time to waste! Create now your Europass CV in PDF and apply for the position you want!

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