How to create a Europass CV

Looking for a job in a European country? Find out how to create a European Curriculum Vitae with this free download Europass CV template ® !

Showing your best skills or qualifications in any European country is easy if you know how to create a Europass CV or if you have the European Curriculum Vitae template. This resume template is also known as Europass CV and will let you show, in a simple way throughout Europe, what you’re professionally capable of.

Read this post till the end to increase your chances of landing the job you are looking for, even if the offer of employment is in a country apart from where you live in.

What is the European Curriculum Vitae?

The European CV template or Europass CV is a resume format that has its pros and cons we will look next.

An important fact is that the Europass CV format is standardized in all Europe, that way you won’t need to change your resume if you apply for job offers in different countries.

Europass CV Pros

This resume template includes contact information, work experience, education, skills, competencies, and languages.

You can include information that usually other templates don’t have, such as management skills, interpersonal skills, computer skills and so on. This way your future employer can have a broader view of your professional profile.

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Europass CV Cons

The main problem with the Europass CV is its unchangeable format. You should respect the sections included, but if you wish to hide some information you may, it’s up to you.

All the candidates will show the same CV template, that way you can’t stand out thanks to an original or unique design. Therefore, you should work on the way you write your information, that is the special task.

Europass CV Template

Our template collection offers you the free download official Europass CV format.

cv europass format

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A work passport for Europe

An important benefit about working in a European Union country is that job conditions are standardized for all the citizens. This is possible because of a political and economic integration. That’s why in 1998 the European Fiscal Transparency was created in order to stop obstacles on the exercise of various professions in different countries.

The European CV is part of a 5 documents kit.

Chronological structure of the European CV

As we said before, the Europass CV has a preset format, however we recommend you add the starting year of each education course, because a chronological structure works better and looks neater.

Next, we will tell you how to fill in the European Curriculum sections in Word.


Personal information

Name, Last name, Address, Zip code, Country , Phone (mobile and landline), email, website and social media apps such as LinkedIn, Skype…

In case of having an email that doesn’t have your name on it, change it, because you have to avoid nicknames, phrases or personal codes only you understand, this downplays your professional profile. A professional email must have your name and last name on it, if it is already used, try adding point, underscore or a one or two digit number.

Position you are applying for

If you know the exact name of the position you’re applying for, indicate in on your resume. This will help recruiters send your application to the corresponding area.

Work Experience

You must add in this section the start and end date, position and company.

Don’t forget to explain which were the tasks you had and how you accomplished them. Specify the tasks as much as you can, for example if you worked as a developer, try telling which programs you used, versions and more.


This section of the European Curriculum Vitae is similar to the previous one, so in addition, we recommend you mention only the courses related to the position you’re applying for.

Personal skills

Add your language skills. You should be very honest indicating your level, because recruiters might want to prove it during the selection process.

If you only know some hello, goodbye phrases on other languages, do not include it in your resume.

Complete this section with other skills: communication, interpersonal, computer…

Additional information

All the additional information you find relevant to mention in your European CV.

Maybe you’ve been awarded, or published a lot of articles, books, participated in important congresses, and so on.

Once you’ve finished filling all the sections, don’t forget to add your picture. Remember that England and Ireland ask for resumes without picture, the rest of the European countries do ask for it. Nevertheless, we advise you investigate the job offer. Not all the companies work under the same criteria.

Create your European resume with our free Europass CV template

As you have seen, this Europass CV template in Word is easy to fill in. Specially because the format is already made and you just need to enter your personal information. Every section has a detailed explanation about what you should write in.

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 Once you have written your Europass CV, you can check out how to modify your resume How to Edit and Update my Europass CV.

The Europass CV will increase your chances of getting hired in a European company you’ve never imagined before! Take our advices and create now your European Resume.   

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