Flight Attendant Cover Letter Sample 2023

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According to Gitnus, 75% of resumes are not qualified due to poor formatting and lack of quality content. This is especially true for the competitive aviation industry, which demands skilled and qualified employees. So, how can you craft a flight attendant cover letter that really stands out from the pile?

A flight attendant should be able to handle high-pressure or unexpected scenarios. Considering that, it’s paramount to explain this expertise in a job cover letter. Besides, you should also mention your hard and soft skills, as they convey why you’re the ideal choice among all the candidates. However, the art of crafting a compelling flight attendant cover letter extends beyond these basic elements.

That said, let’s explore 6 pro tips for writing a job-winning flight attendant cover letter, along with a ready-to-use template. By the end, you will be able to create a cover letter that’s sure to secure a job for you.

Flight Attendant Cover Letter Example

Full Name
Phone Number
Email Address

Hiring Manager’s Full Name
Job Title
Airline Name
Airline Office Address

To: Hiring Manager’s Full Name, Date

Dear Mr./Ms./Mx. Hiring Manager Last Name,

I am writing to express my sincere interest in the Flight Attendant position at (Airline Name), as advertised in the ABC Newspaper. With a passion for delivering exceptional customer service and a proven track record in the aviation industry, I am confident in my ability to serve the values of your airline.

Since my graduation in hospitality management, I have been in three positions, all of which helped me hone my abilities as a flight attendant. My journey began 8 years ago when I started as a dedicated Customer Service Representative at ABC Airways. During my tenure at this company, I introduced an innovative approach that decreased the boarding time by 20%.

Moreover, my exceptional interpersonal skills have been polished through years of working in customer-facing roles. I have skills for diffusing tense situations and creating a warm atmosphere, enabling passengers to feel at ease while onboard. In addition, my training in crisis management equips me to remain composed under pressure and make quick decisions in emergency scenarios.

With great enthusiasm, I am excited about the prospect of joining (Airline Name) and its reputation for excellence in service. Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to discussing how my skills can add value to your airline. Please feel free to reach out at (phone number/email) to schedule an interview at your convenience.

Best regards,
Denise Bridgerton

How to Write a Flight Attendant Cover Letter

Did you just spot a flight attendant job opening in your favorite airline? Well, that position could be yours if you learn how to craft winning flight attendant cover letter. Here are some tips to help you in the process:

1. Use professional formatting

Beyond the content of a flight attendant cover letter template, what also matters is the way you present it. To begin with, aim for a 1’’ or 1.5’’ margin on all sides, ensuring a balanced and visually appealing look.

Next up, font size plays a major role in maintaining the readability of the letter’s content. Ideally, you should use a professional and easy-to-read font such as Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman, sizing 11-12 for better clarity.

For spacing, a single or 1.15 line is a preferred choice in any standard business letter format to avoid the content from appearing cluttered. Moreover, you must keep everything left-aligned, starting from your contact details to the closing signature.

Lastly, when it comes to submission format, it’s better to opt for PDF over Word as formatting remains intact in it.

2. Mention your achievements as a flight attendant

As an experienced flight attendant, it’s essential for you to quote your achievements in the aviation industry to impress the recruiter. The key is toquantify your impact.

For example, instead of writing a vague statement like ‘I ensured passenger safety,’ you can adopt a more specific approach. This includes mentioning how your exceptional adherence to safety protocols contributed to a 20% reduction in incidents reported over the past years.

Also, do not forget to mention any awards or recognitionyou ever received in your entire venture as a flight attendant. This will help you stand out from the other applicants and thus increase your chances of getting hired.

3. Demonstrate the value your skillset can bring to their company

Your skillset is one of the crucial aspects that can make your flight attendant’s cover letter stand out. Thus, you must include a detailed section addressing a blend of your soft and hard skills.

Some of the hard skills that can make an impact include:

  • Understanding of safety protocols
  • Knowledge regarding basic first aid and CPR
  • Know-how of operating mechanism of safety equipment
  • Ensuring an orderly evacuation process
  • Firefighting capabilities
  • Cabin management

To complement this, you must also add the soft skills required for the job. For example, you can state how well you can communicate and offer customer service in this section. Similarly, awareness of cultural values, knowing multiple languages, the ability to stay calm under pressure, and possessing problem-solving skills also play a significant role.

4. Explain your enthusiasm for the airline job

Your flight attendant cover letter sampleshould reflect your interest in the job opening to retain the recruiter’s attention till the end. There are a few essential ways to ensure this, withcustomization being the most prominent one.

All you need to do is read the job post intricately and ensure everything you mention in the cover letter resonates with its requirements. Pull out some essential keywords from the job post to compose the body of the cover letter. These terms should demonstrate your grasp of the organization’s needs and outline how your experience aligns with the position.

This way, the recruiter will perceive that your submission is not generic, understanding your enthusiasm to serve as a flight attendant. It shows that you’ve put genuine thought into addressing the airline’s needs for the ideal candidate, increasing your likelihood of being chosen for the job.

5. Close with a persuasive call-to-action

To end your flight attendant cover letter, include a strong call-to-action that persuades the hiring manager to call you for an interview. Your tone should express your eagernessto join the airline.

Moreover, it’s equally important to show your gratitude to the recruiter for considering your application. Thanking them for taking the time to review your qualifications may help you connect on a personal level.

6. Keep it concise & error-free

Take this as a bonus tip – your flight attendant cover letter must not be too lengthy. Since thousands of individuals apply for a single job opening, recruiters instantly reject the stuffed applications. Thus, keep everything to the point and only add 3 to 4 short sections demonstrating your flight attendant qualifications, skills, and experience.

Generally, an ideal cover letter is only one page long with a word limit ranging between 250 to 400.

Lastly, before you hit that send button, make sure to proofread the cover letter. There should be no spelling errors, inappropriate sentence structure, or complex phrases to put off the recruiter. Editing the first draft will help you counter these issues and send over aprofessional flight attendant cover letter.

Flight Attendant Resume Example

flight attendant resume sample

Flight Attendant Cover Letter FAQs

How to write a cover letter as a flight attendant with no experience?

When writing a flight attendant cover letter with no experience, you must include the following elements:

  • Interest in working at the particular airline
  • Related qualifications, training, internships, and certifications
  • Skills relevant to the aviation industry, both hard and soft
  • Eagerness and passion for learning

What is the most common mistake to avoid when writing a flight attendant cover letter?

The most common mistake that can snatch off a flight attendant job opportunity is submitting a generic cover letter. Recruiters have a keen eye for this, and such an approach can show a lack of genuine commitment towards the role. So, crafting a customized cover letter is always recommended.

How can you download this free flight attendant cover letter template?

Here are four simple steps to help you download this flight attendant cover letter sample:

  1. Navigate to this page’s upper right corner.
  2. Locate the download box and find the Word version that’s compatible with your device.
  3. Click on Download.
  4. You can start customizing the template.