Functional Resume Template for 2023

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Download this free functional resume and customize it in Word

Our functional resume is completely free! It is a reverse-chronological resume template that focuses on skills honed through professional experiences. It is commonly used when switching careers or just starting one. This free template is perfect for all profiles and job offers and can be customized easily in Word to fit your style preferences. Download for free this resume template!

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Are you looking for a functional resume Word template that is easy to customize and free to use? We’ve got just the one for you! With this free example of a functional resume template, you are one step closer to getting that interview call. Use this free template in Word to create a professional and effective resume that highlights your skills clearly and concisely. It is customizable to fit your style preference while still looking modern and professional.

Functional resume vs chronological resume

A functional resume emphasizes an individual’s skills rather than their chronological work history.

Unlike a traditional chronological resume, this example of a functional resume focuses on what you can achieve rather than where you have worked.

Download our Chronological Resume Template

When should you write a functional resume?

There are several situations where this type of resume may be the best option:

1. If you have gaps in your employment history

For example, a functional resume can help downplay them and, instead, shine the spotlight on your skills and experience.

2. If you are looking to change careers

A functional resume helps to highlight the transferable skills you have that are relevant to your new occupation. For example, if you taught English as a second language, you most likely have managed a classroom with many students. Which suggests you have honed your interpersonal, time-management, planning, and organizational skills. These skills are all adaptable in almost every job position!

3. If you have worked as a freelancer or a volunteer

It can help to showcase the skills you have developed in those roles. For example, if you have been freelancing as a writer, translator, and content manager, describe the skills you acquired through these jobs rather than individually naming each client and short-term projects you have worked on.

How do you write a functional resume in 2023?

This free functional resume example makes it incredibly easy for you to visualize the framework of an effective one. All you need to do is:

  • Brainstorm the skills and experience you want to emphasize. 
  • Fill in the sections for each of those skills or experiences. For example, you can have section headings for “Project Management,” “Customer Service,” or “Graphic Design.” 
  • Within each section, provide specific examples of how you have demonstrated these skills or gained that experience.
  • Add other relevant skills on the side in bullet points.
  • Include your education, certificates, and interests.

Learn more about What skills you should add to a resume here.

You still need to provide enough information in your resume about your work history to give potential employers a sense of your overall career trajectory. We have indicated where you would need to do that, so you don’t have to worry about placement! Just fill in the sections with your own information and watch as those recruiters start paying attention to your resume!

Download your new functional resume template today and get hired tomorrow!

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