How many bullet points per job on a Resume (2023)

Find out how many bullet points to add per job on a resume. Our guide helps you present your experience effectively. ✔️ Use these tips today!

Using bullet points on your resume to describe each job you’ve had is highly recommended by HR experts. Knowing how many bullet points to list per job can be a daunting task as there might be so much you want to say! However, keeping it short is the best way for job recruiters to be able to identify the key points in a resume.

Luckily for you, we have provided you with examples on the best ways to showcase your professional history using bulletpoints. We break it down for you so that you can have a clear idea of what it should look like.

How to write bullet points for professional experience on a resume

Before getting to the how many, let’s cover briefly the writing process. How you phrase your experience will greatly impact your application. That is why you should take these tips into consideration when it’s time to get down to business:

Bullet point writing tips:

  • List your experience in reverse chronological order.
  • Start each bullet point with an action word.
  • Use the active voice and concise language when writing each resume bullet. 
  • Use metrics to quantify your accomplishments. This will better illustrate what you can bring to the company.
  • Identify keywords form the job description and include them when describing your tasks and duties.

Example of how to list bullet points for a sales resume:

Senior Sales Executive
ABC Solutions

  • Spearheaded new client acquisition efforts, resulting in a 20% increase in the customer base within the first year.
  • Successfully closed deals worth over $1.5 million in annual revenue, surpassing individual sales targets by 30%.
  • Implemented a proactive follow-up strategy, leading to a 15% increase in client retention rates.
  • Conducted market research to identify potential opportunities and refine sales strategies.
  • Collaborated with the marketing team to develop compelling sales collateral and product presentations.

Sales Manager
XYZ Enterprises

  • Led a sales team of 8 representatives and provided mentorship to improve their performance.
  • Developed and executed sales training programs, resulting in a 25% boost in team productivity.
  • Collaborated with the product development team to gather customer feedback and enhance product offerings.
  • Negotiated major contracts with key clients, securing a 20% increase in annual revenue.

Sales Associate
EFG Retail

  • Assisted customers in selecting products, resulting in a 15% increase in upsell opportunities.
  • Achieved the highest sales numbers among associates for three consecutive quarters.
  • Resolved customer inquiries and complaints promptly, maintaining a 95% customer satisfaction rate.
  • Conducted product demonstrations to educate customers on key features and benefits.

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How many bullet points per job on a resume in 2023?

bullet points for resume

Ahhh the question of all questions. Doing this correctly can help on so many levels. It can result with a more organized layout, and save much needed space that will allow you to list other key points in your resume. Below you will find that magical sweet spot of a number followed by the reason behind its success:

  • You need an average of 3-4 bullet points per job on your resume.
  • This is the best way to ensure that you are not oversharing, repeating, or adding irrelevant information to the job position.
  • A limit helps you and makes it easier for you to identify your key achievements.

Should I add a full-stop after my bullet points on my resume?

Yes. They are also sentences and they deserve to be recognized as such. Don’t hold back. Add those full stops. However, make sure that you only include them when describing your work experience and/or your education. Bullet points for skills, for example, don’t need a full stop at the end.

Why should I use bullet points?

With so much to say, you may be inclined to write paragraphs and paragraphs about your professional experience and training. As tempting as it may be to share your whole story, it is highly recommended that you don’t. Instead, you are expected to use bullet points on your resume.

“Bullet points? Why? I have so many stories to share! How can I truly express myself with bullet points?” … Stop freaking out. This is actually quite easy to get done. Here are a couple of bullet points explaining the benefits of bullet points:

  • Bullet points by their nature force you to be direct and straight to the point. 
  • They help with ensuring that your cv stays at the recommended 1-2 page count.
  • Extra information can sometimes do more harm than good.
  • They make it easier for job-recruiters and ATS scanners to match you with your position.

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