3 Ideas for Creating a Creative Resume in 2023

Discover 3 creative ideas that will help your resume stand out from the others!

1. Create your resume E-commerce style

This idea may seem outlandish, but it helped Philippe Dubost, a web product manager from France, to make his creative resume, with the Amazon style. He then uploaded it to the web to gain more visibility for his resume. After sharing the CV, and spending several weeks online, he was able to attract a large number of companies with his ideas, achieving his goal of being contacted by more than 100 different businesses offering him new job opportunities.

His original resume is presented like an e-commerce store that makes reference to his profile. He uses phrases like: Only one unit available, reserve free… And sections like: “Products” where your studies and interests are listed in detail; “commentaries from users” including work references; the “shopping cart” sending those interested a contact form… A creative and well-conceived idea.

These types of resume template are ideal for people who have a marketing, management, communication or creative arts resume. This is for people who are willing to take risks and think outside the box.

For as crazy as this may seem, it is often worthwhile to try new things. If we don’t dare to take risks, we will never know if our ideas will be successful. Job opportunities are often found where we would least expect them! These days, hiring managers are searching for creative people with a lot of initiative. Creating an original CV may be the key element that you are missing to add that extra weight to your resume.

2. Make a presentation video for your CV

If you are more of a risk taker and enjoy speaking in front of the camera, opt for making a video resume. It’s the perfect opportunity for recruiters to know more about you and, it portrays the image of being self-confident and secure in what you do. We all know that speaking in front of the camera, or publicly, is no easy task. The advantage is that this video cv can be edited if you make a mistake!

Making a video resume may take some time, but believe us, it’s worth the effort. Additionally, you can share your video on social media and with companies, increasing your chances of catching the attention of a recruiter.

If you are more reserved, but also enjoy being creative, try opting for a Curriculum Vitae in the form of a video animation. Create it using animation software or by taking pictures that would add that personal touch to your presentation. The most important thing is to have the connection between your way of being and the content. Every element that you develop should represent you.

3. Design a book or portfolio for presenting your work in a unique way

If you’ve ever asked yourself, how I can make a Curriculum Vitae that is unique for a designer, photographer, artist, painter, or sculptor, then the idea o creating a digital portfolio is the perfect solution for your resume.

There exists many platforms that allow you to create an online portfolio. However, we recommend Portfoliobox (https://www.portfoliobox.net). It’s very easy to use and the designs are incredible!

Like we always say, it’s important to stand out when searching for a job and even more so if you work in a creative field. With the quantity of demand and lack of offers, it’s fundamental to create something original in order to attract the attention of job recruiters.

Create this resume portfolio and take advantage of the opportunity to include your CV in the final section. Place it within one of the pages that goes with the design of your book, in which you define your resume, showing your experience and abilities. With this, the recruiter will have all the necessary information about you to evaluate your resume and judge your work.

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