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Download for free this google docs job resume template

Job resume template on Google Docs format you can free download. With this resume design you will find the job you’ve been looking for. The design adapts to all types of professional profiles. You won’t need to spend hours trying to edit your resume, our template saves you work. Download now for free this job resume template !

File format: Google Docs
Customizable: Yes
free-resume-template-google-drive  Download: For Google Drive

Simple tips to make a resume in Google Docs for a job :

  • Create tables so the information will show on different parts of the document.
  • Pick more than one font size so your design looks dynamic.
  • Use the line spacing to separate the text.
  • Save your file on PDF format.

Once you have finished creating your job resume and it is ready to be sent to the recruiters or to start your job application,  you can directly export to PDF. Google Docs also gives you the option of saving it to Word format, in case you need to add something with that text edit software.

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